Looking for a place to host a private party? We offer a unique dining and bar experience for groups of up to 30 people (60 during patio season). It's an ideal venue for birthday parties, holiday parties, reunions, corporate meetups, and more. We'll do our best to create a remarkable experience by tailoring an atmosphere to meet your needs.

For regular restaurant reservations, call us at 519-704-0288

Booking Options

Siesta Room

Siesta Room

  • Group Size
    Up to 10 people
  • Food & Beverage Minimum
  • Deposit & Booking Fee
Main Room

The Whole Place

  • Group Size
    Up to 30 people (60 in patio season)
  • Food & Beverage Minimum
    Sun-Thu: $1000
    Fri-Sat: $1500
  • Deposit & Booking Fee

Service Options


The menu is decided upon ahead of time and the food is prepared and served at a central self-serve table.


Individual food orders are submitted prior to the event and each meal is prepared and served at the tables.

Note: Drinks are always ordered at the bar.

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More Details

Booking Information

To secure a private event, a signed contract and deposit is required within two weeks of the reservation. Booking the entire restaurant is available anytime, even when the restaurant is closed.

Minimum Requirements

Private events are subject to a minimum food and beverage requirement. Minimums range depending on the day of the week and the rental space. Minimums do not include gratuity, rental, extra charges or tax. If minimums are not met, the difference is added to the final bill as a room charge.

Guest Count

Host must provide Mexico with a final guest count at least 5 days prior to the event date.

Service Charges

Please be aware that an automatic gratuity of 20% will be added for group events.


There are a number of parking spaces behind the restuarant and there is extra parking across the street in the Centennial Park parking lot.

Food & Beverage

Additional food may be ordered during the event but it must be ordered off of our regular menu and must be on the main bill. Outside beverages are not allowed on Mexico premises (non-alcoholic included). Outside food is not allowed on Mexico premises, with the exception of celebration cakes. Please notify Mexico of any food or beverage allergies, as well as any serious health constrictions.


Payment in full is expected at the conclusion of the event. No separate food checks. Payment may be made by cash or major credit card.


If cancellation is made less than 10 full business days prior to the event, parties will be charged 50% of total food/beverage minimum as well the non refundable deposit.


All decorations must be approved by Mexico management and removed by the guest at departure. Bands, DJs and other forms of music are prohibited without prior approval by Mexico. Guests are responsible for any damages to property as a direct result from your event. Mexico is not responsible for any damages to your personal property or lost or stolen items.